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Al Dahra Agricultural
National Hay Association

Al Dahra ACX Wilmington

Pacific Southwest (PSW)

Located immediately outside the Port of Los Angeles, Al Dahra ACX Wilmington is the largest, most efficient hay processing facility on the Heavy Weight Container Corridor along Pacific Coast Highway.

Products include all standard and premium grades of alfalfa hay, Sudangrass, and other grass hay and straw products.

Packages include 450kg MACX-Bale sleeve products loaded to 22.5-26 MT depending on the product and destination port.

Al Dahra ACX Wilmington hay products are acquired from Southern California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming and delivered to Al Dahra ACX Wilmington for immediate processing through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Contact Al Dahra ACX Wilmington

Al Dahra ACX, Inc.
920 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Wilmington, CA, 90744
Phone: (310) 241-6229
Fax: (310) 241-6234

Map of Al Dahra ACX Wilmington

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Domestic Hay Growers and Brokers please call: (800) 260-8384